Combi Whale 3 FEATURES

  • 304 stainless steel tank with 6,200 litre sludge tank and 4,300 litre water tank
  • High quality Prattisoli jetting pump rated at 267 lts/min @ 155bar (2250psi)
  • High performance air-injected tri-lobe blower vacuum pump rated at 2822m3/hr (1661cfm) and 90% vacuum
  • High quality Pratissoli hydro excavation pump rated at 20lts/min @ 4000psi (280bar)
  • Fold out walkway to reduce working at height risk when servicing boom
  • Remote control battery charger at rear so no need to enter truck the cabin during work phase
  • Autec Remote control with independent jetting water pressure adjustment
  • Dedicated and alarmed remote control stowage
  • Robust hydraulic-drive NDD hose reel
  • Simple, user friendly main control panel
  • Accessible filters for ease of daily maintenance
  • Axle load scales on all axles for road authority compliance
  • Superior payload

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