Whale Australasia, Blade Engineering, and Carey Industrial have now rebranded as the FIRMUS Group. Based in Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne, the FIRMUS Group combines its extensive product range and engineering expertise to provide the waste and construction industries with a wide range of industry leading products and services.

FIRMUS Group is the exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand of UK built Whale vacuum trucks. Customised for Australian conditions, the Whale vacuum truck range provides high quality engineered products to meet all challenges.

FIRMUS Group also builds the Blade line of products covering vacuum trucks, hydro excavation trucks, compaction trucks, and specialised engineered products.

FIRMUS Group is an authorised service and assembly dealer for HIAB, Moffett, and Multilift products providing assembly, service, and rebuild facilities in Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide.

FIRMUS Group is led by our accomplished Executive Team.